Pioneering Textile Recycling

Turning Waste Into Value

CO2 Offsetting through textile recycling

Let us enable Circularity

We keep textiles in the LUUUP through creating real circularity for textile waste. Our technology is geared towards urban mining textile waste.
The digital twin of our carbon-credits serves to compensate every recycling contribution along the textile value chain.

Only 1% of used clothes are recycled into new clothes. The average carbon footprint textile consumption per person per year in the EU is about 270kg.

Reusing 1 kg of cotton saves about 25 kg of CO2.
Its production uses 600─750 m² of land, 20.000─25.000 litres of fresh water and additionally pollutes the environment being responsible for 12% of the global usage of pesticides and 25% insecticides. The textile industry is responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions.

LUUUP provides solutions impacting the whole value chain of textile recycling to reduce the carbon emission within the textile sector.

LUUUP has developed tools enabling
a circular production model

for the textile value chain.

From insight to impact – LUUUP enables recycling of mixed textile waste to close the LUUUP for producing the next generation of sustainable and circular materials. As a research and development company, we team up with leading facilities as well as innovative business partners bring textile circularity to the next level.

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