Pioneering Textile Recycling

Turning Waste Into Value

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Let us enable Circularity

Turning waste into a useful resource is one of the pressing challenges towards a more sustainable world. While recycling systems of glass, paper or metal have developed into profitable business lines, recycling of textile waste still is in its infancy. LUUUP is working on improved circularity of textile waste to reduce its ecological impact.

Currently, the recycling rate of textile waste ranges around 13% (wt.) with the rest being incinerated (to a large portion in private households).

The production of 1 kg of cotton uses 600─750 m² of land, 20.000─25.000 litres of fresh water and additionally pollutes the environment being responsible for 12% of the global usage of pesticides and 25% insecticides.

LUUUP has developed an
approach that closes
the linear production model
of the textile industry.

Combining different chemical processes, LUUUP recycles mixed textile waste to close the LUUUP for producing the next generation sustainable materials. As a research and development company, we team up with leading research facilities as well as innovative business partners to tackle textile waste reduction.

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